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It's been 10 years since the indie hit Volgarr the Viking first chopped his way onto steam, challenging players worldwide.


As a KING he is a little older and wiser now, then so are you, so that's why we've included several new great features! 


  • More Checkpoints! (Optional, we know egos are important)

  • More Magic! (Pew Pew!)

  • More Power-ups! (Armor is cool, don't worry you can still see your glorious muscles!)

  • More Monsters! (And some recolored ones, because let's face it, it's a SEQUEL!)

  • More Multiple Endings! (Because 3 is only HALF as good as 6!)

  • More Loin Cloths! (Not really, I got carried away with saying MORE!)

  • All New Bosses!

  • Undead Mode! (WTF?!)

  • Secret Level and Boss Fight!

  • Pectoral Flexing Soundtrack!

  • SAVE GAME! (Gotta give that arthritis a break, ya know?!)

Crazy Viking Studios has partnered with Digital Eclipse to bring Volgarr the Viking II to our wonderful fans August 6th 2024! Check back here often or sign up for our email list (and Digital Eclipse's) and follow us on social media for the fast breaking news about our titles as it gets released!

Gameplay Sneak Peeks

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